Vision and Mission

Our Vision

In Iranian School, we believe that, whether or not you have some existing knowledge of the Farsi language as a mother language, or as an additional language for non-Iranian students, we will enhance student’s cognitive development, development of a sense of self, and affirm children’s and communities’ identities.  As such, members of the school community are better able to reach their potentials and become contributing members of society. Our goal is to teach the Farsi language to all Iranian students, and all those who want to learn this language as a mean to access and enjoy Farsi sources.


Our Mission

Through working with families and various community members, we strive to engage students into learning the Farsi language and culture by taking advantage of students existing language abilities, and helping them use those abilities, so they can succeed in their personal, academic, and social achievements, while doing so at their own pace, guiding them whenever in need guidance. 

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